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Key Facilitators for your research in
Northern Sri Lanka

  • The Thinnai Group: Connected with multiple institutions contributing to community development through business and social enterprise model. Thinnai group provide services in the agriculture, tourism and education sector in Sri Lanka.


  • Local Universities: Research units connect with local Universities to ensure an academic contribution. Number of joint researches had been implemented in the past.


  • Center for Children’s Happiness (GTE) Ltd: Joint as a community partner. A national non-profit organization contributing in community development and empowerment initiatives, connected with number of local communities, population and field through various programs during last 18 years. CCH engaged in facilitating social and environmental researches in the past.
Field visits for a student reading for his doctorate
Participatory scenario planning workshop over 2 days and field visits for a student reading for his doctorate in the department of environment and Geography at the University of York, United Kingdom.
CCH facilitated a forum on Sustainable Development for a PHD Candidate

The aim of the forum was to Co develop a multi sectoral vision for tourism in the Northern Province.

The Geographical Focus of the forum was the Northern Province, with a focus on the Vanni