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Who We are

Thinnai Farm, the apex Agritourism Operator in Sri Lanka’s North is located in fertile Chunnakam, 7 km from the University of Jaffna. Agricultural Production and Animal Husbandry services are at the heart of this abundant property, also allowing visitors to the farm to enjoy tented accommodation, food and beverage services, and a lively entertainment center as they experience the bliss of wholesome living. Our partner in this venture, the CCH, is equipped with years of experience in conducting research and engaging in socioeconomic interventions in the Northern Province to facilitate such research, making it the ideal project partner for Thinnai Farms. 

Together, the CCH and Thinnai Farms have identified a myriad of research areas that can be explored in Jaffna, especially in the field of Natural Science related to vegetation, bird life, marine life, coastal ecosystems and Geology and Social Sciences, such as Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Linguistics and Sociology. 


The Northern Province is located in the north of Sri Lanka and has a rich history, having been ruled by various powers before and after colonization. The province has a diverse environment, with lagoons, islands, and tropical forests, and is known for attracting migrating birds. The climate is typically tropical with a chance of monsoon rains. The province faced significant challenges during the war from 1980 to 2009, but resettlement has been underway since the end of the conflict.

Why Thinnai Research Station 

Thus, The Thinnai Research Station is the perfect venue to visit, with tailormade internships available for foreign students who wish to hone their skills in farming, livestock and poultry, and agriculture whilst engaging in their research activities. 

The station also provides various volunteer opportunities for interested students in partnership with the Gnanam Education Trust and other local volunteer institutions for a well-rounded research experience. 

This learning process is also made better and more enjoyable with the facilities provided by the Research Station that enables easy access to the required services in one’s chosen program. 


In partnership with the NGO Center for Children’s Happiness (CCH), Thinnai Farms, a trusted brand of the Thinnai Group has established The Thinnai Research Station inviting foreign students to engage in research connected with Agriculture, Farming and Animal Rearing at its facility in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.